The traffic lights at the intersection of

change, generally, the green light countdown is 3 seconds, then the yellow light countdown is 3 seconds, and then it becomes a red light. It is forbidden to pass, and the yellow light is used as buffer.

in July 20th, Chengdu people Liao told reporters Tucao said that in Pengzhou city intersection, the same traffic lights make complaints about different ways:


sometimes, when the green light is countdown in 3, 2 and 1, it is directly a red light without yellow light buffer; sometimes, the green light countdown starts from the fourth second. According to the common sense, it should be 4, 3, 2, 1, and the traffic light arbitrarily omits “3” and turns it into countdown 4, 2, 1


, Mr. Liao Tucao said, because of the abnormal conversion of traffic lights, he was identified as running red lights, make complaints about 6 points and 200 yuan. Is this setup reasonable?


visit a light in three ways. If you don’t notice, it is easy to run red light


after receiving the report of Mr. Liao. At 9:00 on the 20th, the reporter drove to the intersection of Xihe North Road and Xianqing North Road in Pengzhou city to see if there is any situation he said.


reporters observed on site that the traffic lights did not work in the east to the west at the intersection. Generally speaking, the green lights at intersections count down to 3, 2, 1, then yellow lights 3, 2, 1, and then red lights, and the yellow lights in the middle serve as buffer.

but at this intersection, reporters see that when the green light is converted to red light, there are three ways:

is the first more normal, that is, the green light 3, 2, 1 count down, and then the yellow light turns to red light. The second conversion mode of


is that the green light is inverted from 4 and 3 to yellow light 2 and 1, then to red light. The yellow light and green light add up for 4 seconds. The third conversion mode of


is that the green light is inverted from 5 and 4, then it becomes yellow light 2 and 1, and finally turns to red light. The third second in the middle is omitted directly. There are three ways to change from green light to red light at the same intersection and at the same time period. Especially the latter two, it is very easy for Mr. Liao to happen. The owner thinks that driving can pass the intersection, but because the time of setting the traffic light is insufficient, it is recognized as a red light by the electronic eye.

responded to the adjustment of the traffic lights and checked the

of traffic safety equipment in the city. I was not confused with the problem of RMB 200 for the deducted 6 points, but was not satisfied with the setting of the traffic lights On the morning of 20th, Mr Liao told reporters that the setting of traffic lights at this intersection is contrary to the normal principle, not only does not set yellow light buffer, but also has the problem of countdown error. Passing by vehicles is easy to “be red light”.

he said that the signal light is set to regulate vehicle traffic, but such a setting, when the green light is finished, it is a red light, and there are still errors in countdown, which often leads to the vehicle to brake rapidly. However, there are many heavy trucks in this section, which is self-evident in danger. Therefore, he hopes that the traffic control department can adjust and correct the mistakes in time.


followed by the reporter will Mr. Liao’s experience and demands, reflected to Pengzhou public security traffic police department.


20 afternoon, reporters learned that, after receiving the situation reflected by the owners, Pengzhou public security traffic police immediately carried out investigation work, and has adjusted the traffic lights at the intersection of the incident. At the same time, the relevant head of traffic police of Pengzhou said that, next, an investigation will be conducted on traffic safety equipment in the city. The traffic police prompt that when passing the intersection, the public should pay attention to the traffic lights and slow down.