The 23rd Chengdu International Auto Show of

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will be held from July 24 to August 2 in Western China International Expo City (hereinafter referred to as Xibo city). On July 23, traffic police detachment of public security branch of Tianfu New Area sorted out the driving and parking guidelines of Xibo city during the exhibition period for the convenience of citizens. Traffic organization measures during the


auto show:


1. Shuzhou Road (Guangzhou intersection Fuzhou intersection) will implement temporary traffic control. Please obey the traffic police’s command on the road section of Shuzhou road

2. The two-way auxiliary road of Fuzhou Road (Shuzhou intersection – Hanzhou intersection) is prohibited from all motor vehicles except taxis. The taxi pick-up and drop off point is set at Gate 15 of Fuzhou Road West Bocheng;

3. The intersection of Xiamen Road and Science City Interchange auxiliary road is closed, and vehicles are forbidden to go through Xiamen road to Shuzhou road;

4. Close the intersection of Shuzhou road and Guangzhou road through the tunnel from south to North and prohibit vehicles from passing through the tunnel to Shuzhou Road (except for buses);

5. There is a connecting station in Xibo city. The shuttle bus starts from the boarding and alighting point outside the No.1 gate of Xibo City, passes through Shuzhou Road, Guangzhou road and TongZhou Road, and then turns around at the intersection of Tongzhou road and Zizhou Avenue. According to the above lines, passengers who need to take the shuttle bus can wait at the station;

6. Friends who drive private cars can enter P3, P4, P5, Southeast square and South Square from gate 6, 8 and 9 of Xibo City, or enter area a / b of underground parking lot from Gates 13 and 14;

7, 7:30 to 19:00, heavy vehicles such as muck trucks and cement tankers are prohibited to drive in the areas east of Tianfu Avenue (including), north of Guangzhou Road (including), north of Tongzhou Road (including), west of Zizhou Avenue (excluding), and south of Ningbo Road (excluding).

traffic police detachment of Tianfu new area public security branch reminds the public friends to choose public transportation as far as possible. If you drive a private car, please plan the route in advance. Follow the traffic signs around Xibo city and the command of the police on the spot. Don’t park and leave the vehicles disorderly.




↑ traffic organization diagram.

Red Star journalist Zhang Zhaoting