At the same time, it is the first time for the “spkds” competition in Chengdu to open the “future spkds” competition and “the future of spkdg”.


and “blooming Cup” are 5g application collection competition guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology. They are important events in the communication industry, focusing on the practical application of 5g technology in all walks of life. The event has been held twice in a row, which has played an important role in widely collecting 5g applications, exploring innovative design of enterprises and individuals, playing a leading role in the demand of the industry and promoting the pace of 5g business.


according to Ao Li, deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the financial science and technology competition, many enterprises in Chengdu and even Sichuan that have the potential to become “unicorns” are also the “bonus items” for the competition to be held in Chengdu. “An important application of 5g in the field of financial science and technology is to improve the risk control system, and build a three-dimensional analysis of financial risks based on high-speed transmission and virtual reality technology,” Ao Li told reporters. “In such a three-dimensional risk control system, we can not only timely discover the operational risks of large enterprises, but also accurately identify Unicorn enterprises with great potential They are the outstanding representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises, reflecting the development direction of the new economic era. From this point of view, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Chengdu show their advantages in business environment, which is bound to be conducive to Unicorn enterprises’ breakthrough and rise. ”


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it is understood that the financial science and technology competition is divided into four stages: project collection, preliminary competition, semi competition and final. Online interaction and offline roadshow are combined in stages. An 11 member expert panel composed of authoritative experts from the domestic industry is responsible for the selection from the preliminary evaluation to the final. The deadline for competition is July 31, 2020. The final of the special competition will be held in late August. The winners will participate in the national finals in September. For the first time, a special award for epidemic prevention and control was opened to encourage financial technology enterprises to pool their wisdom and overcome the epidemic.

Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star journalist Ye Yan intern reporter Wang peizhe

original title: 5g top event financial technology special competition landing in Chengdu