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yesterday, the leading group office of Sichuan Province to promote the integration of Chengdu, Dezhou and Meizhou capital was officially unveiled in Tianfu new area of Chengdu, pushing the “fast forward” button for the development of urbanization. At the unveiling ceremony, the relevant person in charge of Tianfu new area of Chengdu said that as a major platform for national strategy, a “hundred year plan” for governing Sichuan and rejuvenating Sichuan, and an important support for the rise of Chengdu as a big city, Tianfu new area will strengthen its polar core function in the process of urbanization, create a “major platform” for Sichuan to allocate high-end elements to the world, and become a “new standard” to lead regional coordination and opening-up To promote the development of urban integration.


the relevant person in charge of Chengdu Tianfu new area said that as a national new area, Tianfu new area has been in a down-to-earth and step-by-step manner in the process of integration of Chengdu, Dezhou and Meizhou. The implementation opinions on promoting regional coordinated development by Chengdu directly under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Tianfu new area, key work points for promoting regional coordinated development by Chengdu directly under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Tianfu New Area in 2020, and Implementation Opinions on speeding up the construction of inland open door and assisting the construction of double city economic circle in Chengdu Chongqing region were successively issued, leading the annual development plan.

the implementation plan for the integrated development of Chengdu direct management area of Tianfu new area and Meishan area of Sichuan Tianfu new area defines the integration development area of Chengdu Meishan area of Tianfu new area. 68 key projects with investment of more than 460 billion yuan will be planned and constructed, and practical cooperation in 7 key areas will be comprehensively carried out, so as to accelerate the construction of a “two zone linkage, three-axis connection, multi-point support” Integrate the development pattern.

and “Tianfu New Area” will focus on infrastructure co construction, industrial integration and dislocation development, unified construction of market system, comprehensive integration of innovation system, promotion of collaborative opening level, public service sharing and ecological environment protection and governance as the key points, so as to promote the development of Chengmei integration, and formulate the implementation opinions of the new area to promote the integration of Chengdu and Meizhou The relevant person in charge of Tianfu New Area in Chengdu introduced that it is necessary to accelerate the integrated development of Chengdu Meishan border area, promote the same chain of industries, the same network of infrastructure, the same frequency of planning, energy sharing, environmental governance, platform isomorphism, legal co construction and service sharing. Tianfu new area will also study and formulate the cooperative construction plan of Chengmei high-tech industrial belt, focusing on the key areas such as jointly seeking the pattern of opening to the outside world, jointly promoting the development of high-tech industries, building a beautiful and livable Park City, building interconnected transportation networks, and building safe and reliable infrastructure.


in addition, Tianfu new area will further strengthen the portal hub function platform, headquarters function platform, innovation function platform, cultural and creative function platform, financial function platform, foreign exchange function platform, exchange and cooperation platform, radiate and drive Sichuan, promote regional common prosperity, and enhance national strategic carrying capacity.

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in Tianfu new area with the development of Chengde Meizi