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Chengdu full search news network (reporter rez) reported on July 29 that in order to ensure the smooth construction of xiaonanjie subway station of Chengdu rail transit line 13, Chengdu rail construction management company will dismantle the baojiaxiang pedestrian overpass. It is reported that the demolition of the overpass will be carried out in the night and early morning of July 29, 30 and 31.

reporter learned that on July 29, 00:00-06:00 and July 30, 00:00-06:00, the construction party will demolish the pedestrian ladder bridges on both sides of the overpass, occupying one side of the sidewalk and part of the carriageway of Xiaonan street, and reserve 12 meters of carriageway in Xiaonan street to ensure the two-way traffic of vehicles and pedestrians; on July 31, 00:00-05:00, the main overpass of the overpass was demolished, and Xiaonan Street (Shuhua street to Jun) was temporarily closed All vehicles and pedestrians are not allowed to pass through.


traffic police pointed out that during the construction period, the motor vehicles originally passing through Xiaonan Street would bypass the surrounding roads such as Shudu Avenue Shaocheng Road, ancestral hall street, WenWeng Road, Jinli Middle Road, Dashi East Road, etc. Regional arriving vehicles bypass Fangchi street, Shuhua street, Wenhe Road, Wenmiao West Street, Junping street, etc.