“the plenary session of the municipal Party committee proposed that we should take the construction of the park city demonstration area which implements the new development concept as the overall command, and promote the comprehensive transformation of urban strategic thinking, planning concept, construction mode, governance system, and urban management logic, which has greatly inspired us.” Xinjin district party secretary Tang Hua said in an interview.

As the youngest District in Chengdu, we will take the responsibility and standard of “district”, establish a new coordinate and vision, seize multiple strategic opportunities, such as Chengdu Chongqing double city economic circle, Chengde Meicheng capital integration, Chengdu South expansion, and co construction of high-quality development demonstration area, adhere to the project as the center, and promote the mode of economic organization and urban construction We should take advantage of the potential and kinetic energy of the high-tech zone and other advanced areas to accelerate the upgrading of the industrialization and urbanization level of Xinjin, and strive to build “Chengnan New Center and Innovation Park City.” Tang Hua told reporters.

Tang Hua said that the park city is an advanced form of urban development that fully reflects the new development concept. Xinjin adheres to the planning and construction of park city communities with industrial functional areas as the carrier, builds “Tianfu digital intelligence base” relying on Tianfu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, building “China Agricultural Davos” relying on China Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park, and building “Chengcheng” relying on Tianfu Mumashan international business and tourism district Relying on lihuaxi cultural tourism area, Chongqing digital business travel new business card “is the first choice of Tianfu micro holiday resort” to highlight the expression of Xinjin Park City.


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seize the opportunity of entering the new urban area, and Xinjin will accelerate the improvement of urban form quality. Strengthen urban planning and design, establish the value orientation of “Better City, better life”, comprehensively improve the level of urban planning, planning and construction management, vigorously implement and promote a number of major functional infrastructure projects in terms of urban functional layout, spatial structure, architectural form and other aspects of Xinjin; improve the quality of urban functions, and adhere to the standards of new urban areas We should take human as the core to organize the construction of urban traffic, ecological, residential and cultural projects, improve the level of urban management, implement the action of “urban management promotion”, deepen the comprehensive management of urban and rural environment, innovate the urban governance mode, improve the scientific, refined and intelligent level of urban management, and accelerate the improvement of urban morphology and environmental features. We will continue to carry out the activity of “Xinjin’s most beautiful maker · Park City Renjian”, mobilize citizens and enterprises to create the most beautiful communities, courtyards, balconies and factories, so as to promote the formation of a pattern of joint construction and sharing among the whole people and enterprises.

Tang Hua said that in order to build a regional supporting cooperation and benefit sharing mechanism between Chengdu and Chongqing, Xinjin will take China Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park as the carrier, and focus on the goal of “never ending Pastoral Agricultural Expo feast and sustainable development of Rural Revitalization model”, build Zhongtai, build cloud agricultural Expo, launch live broadcast, integrate people and goods yard, make scenes, layout new matrix, build ecology, link rural and urban areas To build a comprehensive platform of “Digital Agricultural Expo + Rural Revitalization” serving Chengdu and Chongqing, and strive to build an industrial ecosystem of Xinxiang village with complementary resources and benefit sharing. Deepen the cooperation between Tianfu Agricultural Expo and Chongqing International Expo, implement the double link and double online of Chengdu Chongqing Exhibition resources, jointly organize characteristic agricultural exhibitions, jointly create exhibition brand of Agricultural Expo, build a comprehensive service platform, and cultivate Chengdu Chongqing new rural industrial cluster.

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original title: planning and building Park City Community

with industrial function area as carrier