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are affected by the continuous rainfall in Sichuan. On August 2, a rock avalanche occurred in the section from Changheba to Hanyuan on Chengdu Kunming railway. Although the section was opened on August 4, the rock avalanche in the disaster section is still unstable, so it is not suitable for passenger train operation. In order to ensure passengers’ travel, the bus passenger station of Chengdu east railway station will open more flights in Xichang direction from today, with a maximum of 30 flights per day to ensure that passengers can follow their arrival.




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bound for Xichang is currently in the summer transportation period. Affected by the passenger train outage, a large number of passengers from Chengdu east railway station can not go to Xichang and other places as scheduled, and the number of passengers going to Xichang has increased significantly. The bus passenger station of Chengdu east railway station started the emergency plan immediately after the disaster, actively diverting and evacuating passengers to Xichang and other places. Up to now, the daily passenger volume has reached 1200-1500.

in order to ensure the smooth travel of passengers, Chengdu east station bus station has done a good job of capacity reserve to Xichang, Leibo, Meigu and other lines. In addition to 10 regular shifts, Xichang line will increase the overtime capacity of more than 40 vehicles. During the peak period of passenger flow, the shift will be started every 10-15 minutes, and the planned frequency can reach 40 shifts throughout the day. The number of shifts will be increased at any time according to the change of passenger flow It can ensure that the passengers can arrive and go at the same time, and effectively guarantee the maximum transportation of 4000 passengers in a single day. In addition, the station can also provide customized taxi services in Xichang and other places to fully meet the travel needs of passengers.

has recently had a larger traffic volume in Xichang, Leibo and Mei Gu. Passengers can buy tickets directly through the official account of WeChat bus number (dongzhanqcz) and the WeChat official account of Tianfu travel.

Red Star News reporter Ye Yan Yuheng

original title: Chengdu East Railway Station bus passenger station will open more Xichang line flights from now on, with a maximum of 30