“thank you very much. Thank you very much. After your persuasion, our hearts are now open. Otherwise, we don’t know what serious things will happen to us today, and we will have a lot of business in the future…”. On August 6, in the police room of Lezhi service area of No.13 brigade of No.3 sub Bureau of high speed public security, a middle-aged couple choked and said thanks to the police.

at about 7 am on the 6th, the police on duty of the 13th brigade received a report from the 110 command center of Lezhi county: “someone in the service area of Lezhi said that he was being held Please call the police. ” After receiving the alarm call, the people on duty and the auxiliary police in the police room of Lezhi service area quickly arrived at the scene after taking protective measures.




after understanding, there was no hijacking incident at the scene. After investigation, it was found that a crying lady was sitting on the co driver of a vehicle with license plate number of Chongqing, and her husband was sitting in the rest area of the service area drinking. After inquiry, it was the lady who called the police. Because of family conflicts, the couple pulled into each other in the service area. Therefore, the woman called 110 to falsely claim that she was kidnapped.

The reason of

was that the husband and his friends drank wine the night before, which led to the quarrel between husband and wife, and then the conflict escalated. At 2:00 a.m., the wife was driving back to Chengdu, and the husband was not at ease to accompany him to drive back to Chengdu. On the way, the two men’s language upgraded. The husband said some angry words, and the wife could not bear it. After arriving at Lezhi service area, they had some tug, so the wife chose to call the police.


understood that although it was a family chore, the police and auxiliary police took every dispute seriously and took them to the police room of the service area for mediation. The police opened the heart knot of the parties through reminiscence. Facing the mediation of the police, both husband and wife calmly expressed their thoughts to each other and expressed each other. After two hours of persuasion, the couple finally shook hands and drove back to their home in Chongqing.

Sichuan online reporter Chen Song

original title: a couple pulled their wife in Lezhi service area and called the police to “be held” or