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Chengdu full search news network on August 11, according to @ Sichuan Expressway news, at 14:32 on August 11, SA2 clear flow toll station in the west section of Chengdu Second Ring Expressway was flooded due to rainstorm and ponding, resulting in equipment failure and potential safety hazard. Now the exit of the station is closed, and the off ramp of inner and outer ring is closed, and all vehicles bypass.


[the ponding on the square road of Hongguang street in Pidu has subsided, and it is expected to resume normal traffic in 1 hour. “”


“at present, the ponding in this section has receded, and the main road (1958 square section at the intersection of jinlanwan community) in the north of the square road is temporarily closed, so it can pass through the auxiliary road. Owners living nearby can go home from the service road. It is estimated that after more than one hour, the water will be able to pass normally when the water completely recedes.

[some sections of Wenjiang have been lifted traffic control]

according to Wenjiang traffic police, traffic control has been lifted at the following sections: 1. The section of Wansheng subway station at the intersection of Xuefu Road and Haike road; 2. Section C of yangliuhe subway station on Nanxun Avenue; 3. Liulangwan street; 4. No.5 Gate Road section of guosetian township.

[a total of 23 bus lines in Xindu District are affected]

At 17:00

, a total of 17 bus lines were affected in Xindu District, including 23 affected lines and 19 bypass lines (X62, X701, 678, x64, 675, X65, X03, X105, x109, x14, x111, x203, x408, 672, x403, X402, x47, 679, x41), 2 lines (X201, x202), 2 lines (x45, X46) affected, and 2 lines (X201, x2) were stopped 02), two (x45, X46)


[temporary traffic control of Datong bridge, Huaizhong Road, Chongzhou city]

according to Chongzhou traffic, due to the rapid flow of ganwuli River, in order to ensure the travel safety of the people along the line, it was reported to the municipal flood control headquarters for approval. The Municipal Transportation Bureau, together with the public security, law enforcement, and the local town street carried out temporary traffic control on Datong bridge of Huaizhong road. During the temporary control period, pedestrians and vehicles were prohibited from passing through. Vehicles and pedestrians can bypass the Western Sichuan Tourism Ring Road and Chongqing road.


[there is a lot of water in nine intersections in Xindu, and traffic control has been implemented]

According to Xindu traffic police,

has implemented traffic control due to the heavy rain in the area, and the following road sections have been subject to traffic control: 1. The intersection of Xinfan Yangguang Linsen road and Exhibition Avenue; 2. The new station section of Piaoxiang road; 3. Qingliu South Street; 4. Tunbing intersection of Chengde Avenue; 5. Pihe road of Zhuyun Avenue; 6. Xiangcheng law enforcement service station of Chengde Avenue; 7. Xingcheng Avenue underpass Dongzi; 8 Dafeng Fengan Road, 9 section of Xinfan Changde food factory. Please plan the route


in advance At 16:30 of

, there was serious water under Fenghuang bridge, Jiaoda overpass, Jinniu overpass and Yangxi overpass under the jurisdiction of the second branch of Traffic Police Bureau, Shengjin road section of jinfurong Avenue, and Tongli underpass tunnel of Yangxi line had serious ponding. Please choose other roads for traffic.

[serious water accumulation near Xishun street and yingmenkou interchange of huazhaobi in Chengdu]


are serious near Xishun street and yingmenkou interchange in huazhaobi. Please pay attention to the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and avoid them.

[temporary traffic control of Wudongqiao road in Wenjiang]

at 16:08, due to the water on the road, @ Wenjiang traffic police took temporary traffic control measures on Wudongqiao road. In addition, temporary traffic control measures on liulangwan street and Fenghuang South Street have been lifted.

[some roads in Qianjin Town, Mingshan District, Ya’an were interrupted due to rainstorm. “”


“according to the public security information of Mingshan District, on August 11, the road in Qianjin Town, Mingshan district was interrupted due to the rainstorm due to rain water pouring or roadbed collapse. Please prepare to go there and pay attention to detour. The details are as follows:”

1. Xiaohezi bridge, xiaoqiaocun village, Qianjin town; 2. The second group of new bridge in Shuanglong Village, Qianjin town; 3. Hongyan middle and small crossing in Qianjin town; 4. Qianjin town (Qianfeng Road); 5. Hongyan village; 6. Sanjiangyan bridge in Xinshi village; Fenghuang Village in Qianjin town; 7. Nanshui village; 8. Fenghuang Village (under the jurisdiction of Quanshui Village); 9. Liuping village; 10. Outside zhengxingjun tea enterprise, group 7, Xinshi village. According to the official microblog information of Sichuan Expressway, at 15:20 on August 11, the west section of g4202 Chengdu ring expressway: 1. Due to water accumulation, the entrances of chengxinpu A and C stations were closed, and the exits of B and D stations were closed, and the staff shunted at the exit ramp. 2. The entrance of Shuangliu station a and C is closed, and the exit of Shuangliu station B1, D1 and D2 is closed. The staff conduct diversion at the off ramp. All closed stations have vehicle ranking.

[Chongzhou: the traffic from No.4 highway of No.7 Hydropower Bureau to Jiguanshan mountain is interrupted, please don’t go there]


according to the traffic police information of Chongzhou, the road from No.4 highway of No.7 Hydropower Bureau to Jiguanshan mountain is collapsing, and the traffic has been interrupted. Please do not go there.

[Riyue Avenue, Guanghua Avenue, Yangxi line, the Third Ring Road from chengmian to the outside of Jiaotong University has serious water logging.

according to the Chengdu traffic police, at 15:54, there was serious water accumulation in Riyue Avenue, Guanghua Avenue, Yangxi line, chengmian of the Third Ring Road to the outer side of Jiaotong University, so drivers are requested to choose other roads. For real-time traffic information, please pay attention to the navigation map and listen to the provincial and municipal traffic radio FM101.7 and fm91.4.

[20 bus lines in Xindu are affected]

according to @ Xindu information: affected by rainstorm weather, up to now, there are 20 bus lines affected by Chengdu Guangxi transportation industry. Among them, there are 9 bypass lines (X62, X701, 678, x64, 675, X65, X03, X105, x109, x14, x111, x203, x408, 672, x403, X402), 2 lines (x45 and X46) are truncated and 2 (X201, x202) are stopped. One X701 has been restored.

[Chengdu Mianyang Double Line Expressway full line control due to rainstorm]

the first detachment of Traffic Police Corps of Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department released a news this afternoon that the toll stations of Mengyang, Sanxingdui, Tongshan and Datong of Chengdu Mianyang double track expressway were temporarily closed due to the whole line control of rainstorm. ChengmiangaoClose the toll stations of the whole line as soon as possible (one artificial Lane passes through Deyang station).

[temporarily control all vehicles at the entrance of Chengxiang toll station, and the release time is to be determined]


at 14:48 on August 11, all vehicles at the entrance of Chengxiang toll station were controlled temporarily due to rainstorm weather, and the release time is to be determined. “