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Chengdu full search news network on August 11, according to the official micro blog news of Chengdu Water Affairs, from August 10, 2020, there will be heavy rainfall weather process in the western mountain area of our city. At 8:00 on August 11, the municipal meteorological station has upgraded the rainstorm blue warning to rainstorm yellow warning.


at present, rainstorm weather process is common in the whole city. Heavy rainstorm has occurred in Pidu, Dujiangyan, Pengzhou, Qionglai, Pujiang and other places. The water level of rivers has risen significantly. The flood of Pujiang River, Nanhe River and Jiang’an river has exceeded the warning water level, and the rainfall is still continuing. Combined with the current rainfall trend and river water regime, according to the emergency plan for flood control and drought relief in Chengdu, the municipal flood control and drought relief headquarters decided to start flood control level IV (blue) emergency response from 14:00 on August 11.

requests the flood prevention responsible persons of all levels and departments to be on duty, strengthen the duty on duty, strengthen the patrol and investigation of key parts such as mountain flood disaster dangerous areas, rivers and reservoirs, underpass tunnels, drainage pipe networks, water related projects under construction, deep foundation pits, operating subway, low-lying waterlogging prone areas, etc., transfer the threatened masses in advance, handle the dangerous situations and disasters in time, and spare no effort to ensure the people’s life and wealth Production safety. At the same time, strengthen the information submission, timely collect and report the rain, water, flood, dangerous and disaster conditions, and ensure the timely transmission of instructions and information at all levels.