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is second only to academicians in China, and is usually called academician candidate or “academician cradle”. Scholars who are selected as “National Outstanding Youth” will receive relatively rich funding. On August 11, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced to the public a list of applicants for the 2020 NSFC funded projects in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “measures for project management of NSFC for Distinguished Young Scholars”. Among them, 6 students from 3 universities in our province were selected.

“a total of 6 national outstanding young people from three universities were selected in the list The relevant person in charge of the provincial education department introduced to the reporter that the universities and personnel included in the list are: Lu Qi, Zhang Lei, Hu Hongbo and he Jinhan from Sichuan University; Kangkai from University of Electronic Science and technology; and Xiao Feng from Southwest University of Finance and economics.

“among the proposed applicants, Tsinghua University and University of science and technology of China were the most selected, with 15 each, and Peking University, Nanjing University and Shanghai Jiaotong University also recommended more than 10 applicants.” The relevant person in charge told the reporter that the National Science Fund for distinguished young scholars mainly supports young scholars who have made outstanding achievements in basic research to independently choose research direction to carry out innovative research, promote the growth of young science and technology talents, attract overseas talents, and cultivate a number of outstanding academic leaders who enter the forefront of world science and technology. “The national fund for distinguished young people was established in 1994 and has a history of 26 years.”

(reporter Wang Li Ke)

original title: in 2020, the winners of national outstanding young people will be released, and 6 students from 3 universities in Sichuan will be selected as