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today, the reporter learned from the municipal traffic management bureau that at present, the road traffic congestion index in the central urban area is 2.88. Due to the serious water accumulation, traffic control has been adopted in many tunnels and sections under the



1. The main urban area


have adopted traffic control tunnel and section due to serious ponding:

1. Underpass tunnels (9): guojiaqiao underpass, Yangxi Tongli underpass, Gubai Road Underpass, tofuyan underpass, Daan West Road Underpass, Jinxin Road Underpass, Xingke North Road Underpass, Peifeng East Road Underpass and Tianxin Road Underpass.

2. Roads (15): chengxinpu, reception Temple toll station, Yongning toll station and Beixin toll station of ring expressway are closed due to stagnant water; from Chengpeng interchange of the Third Ring Road to Jiaoda interchange, Supo interchange, Yangxi interchange, Chengpeng overpass, Qizhong gate of jinfurong Avenue, Shuangjing Road, Jingzhu South Street, jingcui West Road, dujianian intersection of Beixin Avenue, and Shuangbai east of Shangfeng road in high tech west zone The first road and the West District Avenue, the entrance of futongguang group, had serious water accumulation.


drive slowly due to stagnant water:

ring expressway section from chengxinpu to reception temple; Third Ring Road from Chengpeng interchange to Jiaoda interchange, Sichuan Shaanxi interchange to chengmian; second ring elevated Jiaotong University, North Station, Qingshuihe Section; Shaxi line, Yangxi line, Beixing trunk road, Guanghua Avenue and Xiqu Avenue.


2. Districts, cities and counties:

some roads in Xindu, Wenjiang, Pidu, Dujiangyan and Chongzhou urban areas have accumulated water and have been subject to traffic control; highway 4 of Jiguanshan road in Chongzhou has collapsed and traffic control has been implemented. Original title of


: Chengdu traffic police issued a notice to remind 9 underpass tunnels and 15 roads in main urban area to adopt traffic control