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at 19:30 p.m. on August 11, Zhu, who was pregnant for seven months in Beichuan, drove home alone. Due to the influence of heavy rain on the road surface, the vehicle overturned into the mountain torrent ditch at Minxi Village section of Huanhu Road in Xuanping township. A total of 14 Beichuan police, auxiliary police, hospital rescue workers and village cadres took an hour and a half to rescue the pregnant women and send them to the hospital.


from the evening of August 10 to August 11, Beichuan sustained heavy rainfall, and the maximum 24-hour rainfall in Xuanping Township exceeded 320 nm. But after work, Zhu, who works in Xuanping Township, saw that the rainstorm had stopped, so he decided to drive back to Leigu’s home alone from the direction of Xuanping township. When Zhu set out, it was getting darker and darker. In addition to the continuous rainstorm, the river water on the road retreated, leaving a layer of silt on the road. When Zhu drove to the north side of Minxi Village section of Huanhu road in Xuanping Township, it was 7:30 p.m. because he did not master the speed of the vehicle, the vehicle turned into the river. Fortunately, the vehicle was in four wheels. When the accident happened, the water level in the ditch was not high, and it was not completely submerged. Zhu huddled in the cab and pulled 110 by himself.

Zhu’s road section was closed due to the collapse of the mountain on the morning of the 11th. Rescue workers tried their best to arrive at the scene within half an hour and found that Zhu’s off-road vehicle overturned and soaked in the river water for four wheels. Zhu was curled up in the driver’s cab. Police beat the window and dialogue with the pregnant women, asked about the situation of pregnant women, found that pregnant women are sane not a big obstacle. But in the face of the turbulent and turbid river and the water level that may rise at any time, the villagers and the people who came and went were anxious and helpless on the roadside.

after on-site evaluation and thinking, Baini police station director Rong Qiang immediately arranged for auxiliary police Yang Daojiang to borrow ropes and ladders from villagers’ homes. After getting the ladder, the rescue police fixed one end of the ladder on the river channel and the other end into the window for fixation. Everything was ready. Rongqiang and yangdaojiang were not afraid of the danger of rushing rivers and being washed away. Rongqiang jumped into the river to comfort the trapped pregnant women Jiang stepped into Hanoi with a rope. While appeasing the pregnant women and encouraging them to put their heads out of the window, the two slowly helped the pregnant women out of the car. With the help of the rescue crowd beside the river, they successfully rescued the pregnant women. Subsequently, the police and hospital 120 ambulance attendants to the scene, and help Zhu contact the trailer to pull the vehicle out.

at present, Zhu has been sent to the hospital for examination, and there is no major obstacle.

Li Yuanmei, Sichuan online reporter Wu chutong

original title: pregnant women driving alone into a river on rainy night in Beichuan 14 police and civilian relay successfully rescue