from the evening of August 15 to August 16, heavy rainfall caused many dangerous situations in Pengzhou City, among which, longcaogou section of Pengbai road collapsed, please pay attention to detour; landslide occurred in lvjialinzhaiziyan, Xiaoyudong community, Longmenshan Town, please pay attention to detour; several dangerous situations occurred in Longmenshan Town, the police of Baishuihe police station transferred the disaster risk points to tourists and villagers; Bailu town was located in the middle of the mountain The landslide occurred in Xiaofu section of Tianshengqiao, Siwen community and Jianjiang section.

at present, the entrance of Bailu scenic area has been closed, and the police of Bailu police station advised to leave the visitors and visitors. Pengzhou comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau is on duty at the entrance of Bailu Town, Jianjiang Road, to advise the return of vehicles. At the same time, it also reminds the general public to pay attention to safety and go to the mountain area carefully.