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trapped personnel carefully stepped on the shoulders of officers and soldiers, took their shoulders as ladders, walked down one by one, and finally successfully transferred from the second floor to the stormboat… The warm scene of


happened at the rescue scene of Jintang, Chengdu. On August 17, the first floor of the residential building in Jiangyuan community, Zhaozhen, Jintang County was flooded, and four local people were trapped on the second floor. Officers and soldiers of the first mobile detachment of the Sichuan Armed Police Corps rushed to the scene by storm boat and took the ladder to help the people out of their difficulties. After being rescued, the masses expressed their gratitude: “thank you for holding the people above your head!”

armed police officers and soldiers took a ladder to rescue

on the morning of the 17th, affected by continuous heavy rainfall and upstream water, the local Tuojiang River water overflowed the riverbank and poured into the county seat, many low-lying areas were flooded, and thousands of people were trapped in their homes and urgently needed rescue. At about 9:00 a.m., more than 200 armed police officers and soldiers carried rescue tools such as assault boats, kayaks, life jackets, life buoys, ropes and so on. They were divided into four groups to rescue the most severely affected communities, including jinhaian community, zhaodu community, Hantan community and Jiangyuan community.


when the rescue officers and soldiers arrived at Jiangyuan community, they found that the first floor of the residential building had been completely submerged by the flood, and the armed police officers and soldiers quickly started the rescue and evacuation work. “We still have a few ships, they will move everyone out. Don’t worry.” In a residential building, four people were trapped on the second floor. Seeing that the water level continued to rise, the trapped people were worried. The rescue officers and soldiers patiently appeased and rescued at the same time. However, the first floor of the residential building was almost flooded, and it was impossible to enter from the room. The more two meters away from the second floor window, the crowd could not go down directly. At this time, an officer and soldier climbed up and held the window edge tightly with both hands. One officer and soldier stabilized his body below and set up a ladder. The trapped people stepped on the shoulders of the officers and soldiers carefully and walked down one step at a time. Finally, he came to the stormboat successfully. In this way, all four people trapped were safe and sound. Due to the special geographical location of


in Hantan community, due to the serious damage to some residents’ houses and the danger of collapse at any time, rescue officers and soldiers go door-to-door to screen the trapped people, and first transfer the elderly, children and the disabled. According to Li Gang, chief of staff of the first mobile detachment of Sichuan Armed Police Corps, Zhaozhen street Hantan community is located at the confluence of Zhonghe River, Beihe River and Pihe River. The water level at the source of Tuojiang River is rising rapidly. After full field investigation, it is decided to adopt the method of multi group implementation and synchronous development to use rescue equipment such as assault boats, kayaks, life jackets and lifebuoys More than 300 trapped local residents were transferred.


as of 5:00 p.m. on the 17th, rescue officers and soldiers had transferred more than 1600 trapped people after eight hours of continuous fighting. At present, the on-site rescue transfer work is still in tense progress.

Lianyi anyadi Red Star News reporter Zhang Zhaoting

original title: take the ladder rescue! Armed police officers and soldiers help the masses out of difficulties in such a warm way