ambulances passed by, and there were still vehicles occupying the emergency lane

captured by citizens

National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the public travel enthusiasm is high, and the “car in the road” drama is also staged on the highway as scheduled, some acute drivers can not help, in order to “seize time” completely regardless of the traffic laws and regulations, choose to occupy the emergency Lane.

on October 4, some sections of Chengnan expressway were congested and the traffic was slow. Some citizens photographed 270 illegal vehicles occupying the emergency Lane in about two hours. The citizen said that after sorting out the relevant information, he was ready to report to the traffic police department.


on October 6, Chengdu Commercial Daily Hongxing news reporter learned from the second brigade of No.1 Branch of Sichuan Expressway public security bureau that after receiving the report from the public, they will review and identify the illegal traffic photos and videos provided by the citizens. If they meet the evidence standards, they can be entered into the illegal processing platform as punishment evidence to punish illegal vehicles.

public report:

highway vehicles encroach on the emergency lane

for 2 hours, about 270

“in the face of rescue vehicles, still running in the emergency lane, where should I report?” On the afternoon of October 4, Ms. Qiang, a citizen, returned to Chengdu from Suining and passed through the Cangshan service area of Chengnan Expressway to Fengdian tunnel. Due to the traffic accident ahead, the road was congested and the traffic was slow. Just as everyone was patiently queuing up to pass, some vehicles turned their eyes to the emergency Lane in order to “avoid blocking”, and passed by the strong lady’s car one by one.


encountered three trailers and three ambulances along the way. However, these private cars actually intruded into the emergency lane. It’s really not right. ” Ms. Qiang said that when there was a traffic accident ahead, there were rescue vehicles going to the emergency lane. The emergency lane was the passage of life. Some vehicles were trying to facilitate the occupation of the emergency lane, which not only violated the law, but also might affect the rescue and endanger lives. Therefore, sitting in the co driver’s seat, she photographed the illegal activities of the vehicle with her mobile phone. From about 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Cangshan service area to Fengdian tunnel, she kept holding her mobile phone to shoot, “my neck is sore, my mobile phone is out of power.” After


, Ms. Qiang sorted out the photos taken. According to preliminary statistics, about 270 vehicles occupied the emergency Lane in 2 hours. She said that the next step will be to report to the traffic police department, hoping that the majority of drivers can be civilized and abide by the law and respect life.

traffic police:

will review the reports of the masses. If


meet the evidence standard, they will be investigated and dealt with

on October 6, Chengdu Commercial Daily – Red Star News reporter learned from the second brigade of the first branch of Sichuan Expressway public security bureau that if a report is received from the public, it will be checked and identified according to the illegal photos and videos of occupying the emergency Lane provided by the citizens. After identification, those who meet the evidence standards can be entered into the illegal processing platform and used as punishment evidence to punish illegal vehicles. If it does not meet the standard, it cannot be entered into the system.

to this end, the police pointed out that citizens need to pay attention to the following points when taking photos to report illegal activities: first, there should be two or more clear photos, which can accurately reflect the characteristics of the type and number of illegal vehicles, including the time of taking photos, the number of kilometers, etc., which can reflect the overall road conditions at that time. This not only determines the displacement of vehicles occupying the emergency lane, but also helps to form the chain of evidence 。 Secondly, when photographing vehicles occupying emergency passageways, mobile phones and cameras should not move as far as possible. It is better to choose relatively static reference objects such as signs and kilometers. At the same time, it is necessary to specify the illegal place, time, year, month, day and hour (in 24-hour format), which is convenient to enter into the illegal system. If the video taken by the tachograph or mobile phone is used as evidence, the success rate of reporting is higher. In addition, when reporting illegal behaviors of occupying emergency lanes, drivers should ensure their own driving safety and not violate traffic laws and regulations. During driving, motor vehicle drivers are not allowed to take photos and send microblogs and wechat. If they want to report illegal behaviors, they can open the tachograph or assist the passengers on the vehicle.


finally, the traffic police department reminds that in case of traffic congestion, traffic accidents and other emergencies, the emergency lane of expressway is the “life channel” for rescuing the wounded, dealing with the accident quickly and restoring the traffic in time. Please obey the traffic laws and regulations consciously, drive in a civilized and safe way, and queue up to pass through the sections with dense traffic flow. Do not occupy the emergency lane at will. For illegal occupation of emergency lane, traffic police department will impose a fine of 200 yuan and 6 points.


pictures of


by Zhang Zhaoting, a red star journalist of Chengdu Business Daily, were provided by the interviewees