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Chengdu full search news network (reporter Li Huiying) reported on August 18 that the development conference and unveiling ceremony of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition new economy industrial park with the theme of “enabling new development of exhibition NEW economy” was held in Chengdu, marking the official opening of the first Chengdu Exhibition New Economy Industrial Park in China.

industrial park will provide “video audio-visual, short video, live broadcast, exhibition activity planning, talent cultivation skills improvement, enterprise incubation, IP creation” and other whole industry chain services, explore the development potential of exhibition new economy, and form a “Chengdu Mode” integrating “new services, new scenes, new products, new consumption and 5g commercial application”, aiming at promoting urban marketing, economic development, and promoting the development of economy and technology New business forms can be enabled.


conference is under the guidance of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Expo, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Chengdu New Economic Commission, and hosted by the Management Committee of Xinxing media functional zone of Jinjiang District, Chengdu. According to the relevant person in charge of the new economy industrial park, Chengdu Convention and Exhibition New Economic Industrial Park is committed to building a major development opportunity for the construction of “three cities and three capitals”, and to create an ecological environment of “Exhibition + Industrial Park” The “Chengdu Mode” will be divided into industrial parks or operation centers in major convention and exhibition cities in China step by step, step by step, so as to provide a whole industry chain solution for the development of new exhibition economy.


held a centralized project signing ceremony in order to cultivate new scenes and new formats of exhibition industry and accelerate the integration of industries. “Planting phoenix tree, attracting Phoenix.” Experts at the meeting said that the settlement of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition new economy industrial park will form a new industrial scene, a new business card and a new exhibition ecology.