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on the 18th, the reporter learned from Sichuan traffic investment group that in addition to the k2093 + 800 debris flow in Liziping section, the gully debris flow on the right side of the right exit of Mofanggou tunnel in Shimian section was newly added. At 19:30 last night, the debris flow overtook the guardrail and flowed into the tunnel, and the traffic was interrupted. At present, all efforts are being made to clear the highway.

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are now under two-way control from asbestos to Liziping. The k1950 off ramp from Ya’an to Yingjing has collapsed, and it is expected to rush through at 12:00 noon.

Red Star News reporter Ye Yan Lin cong

original title: the latest situation of Yaxi Expressway! Two way control

from Shimian to Liziping