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on August 19, the Red Star News reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Department of ecological environment that the Department, together with the Sichuan Provincial People’s Procuratorate and the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department, recently issued a document to focus on cracking down on Environmental crimes involving hazardous waste in the province. It is reported that the special action will be carried out in key industries (chemical raw materials and chemical manufacturing industry (including pesticide manufacturing), pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and other industries), key regions and key behaviors. The three departments will form a provincial supervision group to supervise key areas and key issues, supervise major and difficult cases on the spot, and carry out joint Listing Supervision on typical cases with bad circumstances and great influence.


will focus on cracking down on illegal activities in this operation? The reporter learned that six kinds of environmental crimes involving hazardous wastes will be listed as the key areas to be cracked down on, namely,


illegally discharging, dumping and Disposing Hazardous Wastes of more than 3 tons;


illegally discharging, dumping and Disposing Hazardous Wastes across administrative regions;


illegally discharge, dump and dispose hazardous wastes across administrative regions

evades supervision and discharges, dumps and disposes hazardous wastes by setting up underground pipes or using seepage wells, seepage pits, fissures and karst caves;

dumps hazardous wastes into rivers, rivers and reservoirs;

refers to the illegal collection, storage, utilization, transportation, dumping and disposal of hazardous wastes by workshops, factories without hazardous waste management and disposal qualification or units covered by legal forms

hazardous waste production enterprises and staff members provide or entrust others with collection, storage, utilization, transportation, dumping and disposal of hazardous wastes knowing that others have no business license or beyond the scope of business license.

According to the plan,

will conduct investigation and study of the key industries related to production in the area under the jurisdiction of the province. We should make full use of the “12369” and “110” hotlines, such as remote sensing, UAV inspection, video surveillance and other advanced technologies, such as “Internet plus”, big data and human intelligence, and comb out historical cases and problems, and find illegal transactions of hazardous wastes in time. We will focus on investigating and exposing a number of typical cases of serious environmental pollution, damage to people’s health and bad impact.

At the same time,

has done a good job in the disposal of hazardous waste and dumping site, and put an end to “replacing punishment with reform”, “not moving a case” and “substituting punishment with punishment”. The responsible personnel for dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty should be held accountable in accordance with the law, so as to achieve the punishment of illegal and criminal acts, the disposal of waste involved in the case, the handling of responsible personnel, and the creation of public opinion atmosphere in place, so as to form a situation of precise attack and sustained high pressure.

Red Star journalist Li Yanqin

original title: three departments join hands! Sichuan will crack down on 6 kinds of environmental crimes involving hazardous wastes