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on the morning of August 19, the Red Star News reporter learned from the police in Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan province that on August 18, the subgrade of the power plant ditch section of Chadong group in YAYING village, donglang Township, Muli County was destroyed. The road from donglang township to Daocheng in Muli County was interrupted, and the vehicles are unable to pass at present, and the specific recovery time is to be determined.

↑ the subgrade was destroyed.

Muli traffic police are here to remind: affected by heavy rainfall, roads are prone to mud, water, rolling rocks and other natural disasters, so you must pay attention to slow down, pass carefully, do not stay.

the culture, radio, television and Tourism Bureau of Muli Tibetan Autonomous County also issued a reminder that it is now in flood season. The meteorological risk level of flood and mountain torrent geological disasters in Muli County is high. Please pay attention to the possible harm of hail, thunder and lightning, gusty gale and other severe convective weather, as well as mountain torrents, debris flow and other geological disasters caused by heavy rainfall. Most of Muli scenic spots are located in mountainous areas. In rainy days, landslides, road surface subsidence and flash floods are easy to happen. Please pay attention to safety and take precautions.

Red Star journalist Jiang long

original title: subgrade destroyed, Daocheng to donglang Township, Muli County, road interruption