at 1:00 p.m. on the 20th, Chen Yongmei’s family gathered with instant noodles. This was their lunch. The four axle truck parked behind the road was full of the goods they had taken out. Guo qiaolu took

to deal with it! Shampoo, shower gel 5 yuan a bottle On August 20, bottles of mucky shampoo, shower gel and toilet cleaner were crowded in front of a daily chemical store in Dujia street, Longmatan District, Luzhou city. Chen Yongmei is the owner of this store, and the processed goods on the ground are the “surviving products” picked out from the sludge of the warehouse after the Hongfeng crossing.




Chen Yongmei’s daily chemical shop is opened in Dujia street. The goods on the ground at the gate come from the warehouse after Hongfeng’s crossing. The warehouse is located on the edge of Tuojiang River, because there are too many goods, they can not be moved out completely. Guo qiaolu photographed

“our warehouse is next to the Tuojiang River, which we didn’t win the day before yesterday.” Chen Yongmei pointed to a four axle truck parked behind her and said, “we have already filled two trucks for this kind of truck. We have moved it all afternoon and we haven’t won. There are too many things.” Chen Yongmei told reporters that most of the two cases she loaded into the car could not bear blistering, and those left in the warehouse were sealed in bottles. “These goods have mud on the surface, but they can be used completely.”

“these are mud on the surface, but they are sealed without water, so they can be used after washing.” Shop owners explain the reasons to the public, so that the public can rest assured to buy. Guo qiaolu photographed




. On the roadside of Dujia street in Longmatan District, Chen Yongmei reduced the price of shampoo, shower gel, toilet cleaner and other goods extracted from the mud, which attracted many former citizens to buy. Guo qiaolu took pictures of

.” I came here in the morning to see if the flood had subsided. As a result, I saw that the goods were being processed here. The shampoo for 10-20 yuan was only 5 yuan. I bought some back. This is the second trip. ” Ms. Wang lives near Tianli. When she comes home, she calls on her wife and brings a basket to continue sweeping. She had already filled her back with a bag of shampoo and shower gel, and had her wife carry two buckets of laundry detergent. “It’s less than 200 yuan in all.” Ms. Wang went home with her back on her back.

“we started to put them up at 7 am this morning. They were dug out of the mud overnight after the flood subsided last night.” Chen Yongmei told reporters that their price reduction was only in these two days, “after the sludge in the warehouse is cleared, we have time to clean these goods with water.”

Luzhou observation Guo qiaolu Chuanbao observer reporter Wei Feng

original title: business can not stop! A shopkeeper in Luzhou reduced price to deal with the “surviving” goods

after the flood peak