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A kind of Water leakage caused moldy ceiling


the rainstorm that lasted for many days in Chengdu finally stopped, but Ms. Luo, who lives in China Railway tianhongkang County, Pidu District, is somewhat depressed. Affected by the rainstorm, Ms. Luo’s family experienced several days of roof leakage, and the carefully scraped walls were soft, bubbling and falling off under the rain. After repeatedly reporting to the developers, Ms. Luo dialed the network management and social appeal platform of Chengdu.


on the afternoon of August 19, the reporter called the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Pidu district to understand that the quality inspection personnel of the bureau had urged the developers to solve the problems reflected by the owners as soon as possible. However, as the heavy rain has just passed, the conditions for waterproof treatment are not yet available. It is necessary to wait for the seepage and leakage areas to dry before treatment.


outdoor heavy rain, indoor light rain, many times reflect fruitless

on the morning of August 19, the reporter came to the Kangjun community of China Railway · Tianhong where Ms. Luo is located. Ms. Luo’s family lives on the 31st floor, which is the top floor of the community’s housing. “We bought this house in March 2018 and moved in after decoration. After I moved in, I found that as long as it rained outside, my home was like a water curtain hole. ”


reporters saw in Ms. Luo’s house that the water seepage mainly concentrated in the aisle and entrance of Ms. Luo’s house. The ceiling of the passageway outside the door has been deformed and moldy due to being soaked in water. Entering Ms. Luo’s home, the wall directly above the door also seeps water, resulting in yellowing of the wall and falling off of the wall ash. During the rainstorm of the previous week, Ms. Luo needed to use two large pots to collect water at the door every day, “otherwise the living room and kitchen will be flooded.”.

Ms. Luo told reporters that when she just moved in, the living room near the windowsill often seeps. “At that time, because we had to install air conditioning at that position, we repeatedly asked the developer, and the developer arranged maintenance personnel to deal with the water leakage on the top of the living room”. But after that, Ms. Luo repeatedly reported the door with the developer Chengdu Tianyuan world Jinghua Real Estate Co., Ltd Mouth and corridor leakage problem, “developers just sent people to see, but did not carry out substantive solutions.”


have the same experience with Ms. Luo’s family, as well as Ms. Chen’s, who lives on the 31st floor. Ms. Chen’s house seepage mainly concentrated in the living room, bedroom windowsill.


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in addition, Ms. Zeng, who lives on the 28th floor of another building in the community, also complained by phone through the Chengdu network management and social appeal platform. She said that it has been about three or four years since she moved in, and the walls of the main bedroom and the secondary bedroom near the window have been seeping. Ms. Zeng said that the developer had contacted the maintenance unit to repair, but had not solved the fundamental problem. “At present, there is serious water seepage on the wall, and there is water on the bay window and bedroom floor. Especially after the rainstorm in Chengdu on August 11, the situation is terrible.”.

property, developer and builder:

are coordinating to investigate and solve


. After receiving complaints from owners, how does the property solve? The reporter then came to the Property Center in the Kangjun District of China Railway · Tianhong. Chengdu Zhongneng Property Management Co., Ltd., which is responsible for providing property services for the community, told reporters that recently, many residents reported that there was water leakage and water seepage at the window sill and roof. However, since the maintenance work is specifically responsible by the developer and the builder, the property will reflect the situation to the developer after receiving the feedback from the owner, and then the developer will cooperate with the construction The Builder shall carry out maintenance.

so, as Ms. Luo said, the developers did not solve the problem after sending people to see it? Subsequently, the reporter came to the office of Chengdu Tianyuan world Jinghua Real Estate Co., Ltd. The reporter inquired “Chengdu Tianyuan world Jinghua Real Estate Co., Ltd.” through Tianyan investigation, it showed that the company was a 100% holding subsidiary of China Railway Trust Co., Ltd. A person with the surname of Yang in the office of Chengdu Tianyuan world Jinghua Real Estate Co., Ltd. introduced the leakage and seepage of China Railway · Tianhong Kangjun community. The person in charge of


told reporters that since the house was handed over to the owner, it was indeed often received from the owner that the house had water leakage and other problems. However, after receiving the owner’s feedback, the developer will contact the maintenance personnel of China Railway at the first time to check the situation and give solutions. “At present, we have built a maintenance group for water leakage and seepage together with the maintenance department of China Railway No.8 engineering group. After receiving the feedback from the owners, we will share the situation with the group and urge the builder to send someone to repair it. ”


later, the reporter called Xiong manager who was specifically responsible for the maintenance work of China Railway · Tianhong Kangjun community. Xiong explained to reporters that in order to ensure the maintenance effect and the safety of maintenance personnel, it is generally necessary to let the external wall be exposed to the sun for 1-2 days after the end of heavy rain. “Because the maintenance of external walls requires spider man to work outdoors, there is a risk in rainy days.”

manager Xiong also disclosed to reporters that there are two main reasons for the leakage and seepage of houses in Kangjun County of China Railway · Tianhong county. “One is the slope of the external wall. Because the slope of the windowsill is not obvious, the rainwater at the windowsill can not flow out in time, which leads to the indoor penetration,” Mr. Xiong said. “On the other hand, there is the sealing problem around the windowsill, and the sealing materials will come out after a long time It is falling off and has water seepage problem.

lawyers say

lawyer Xu Bin of Sichuan Junyi law firm said that such problems take the agreed housing warranty period as the boundary, and the housing quality problems such as water seepage during the warranty period shall be borne by the developer. In case of exceeding the warranty period of the house, the property management company shall carry out maintenance. If the maintenance expenses exceed the bearing capacity of the property, the owner may apply for the use of the housing maintenance fund for payment after the owner’s consent and signature. Fang Yi of Beijing JunZeJun (Chengdu) law firm of


said that when problems such as water leakage and water seepage occur in commercial housing, the causes of water leakage and seepage should be identified first. If the result is found to be housing quality problems, and within the warranty period, the owner can ask the developer for free maintenance. If it is due to the owner himself or a third partyIf the house leaks or seeps due to the decoration of the house or the neighbor, the owner or the third party as the infringer shall bear the maintenance cost.

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original title: in rainy days, the house always seeps and leaks. Residents: who can save us from the “water curtain hole”? “