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on August 23, the Red Star News reporter learned from the sixth brigade of Sichuan Expressway No.1 public security bureau that as of 22:03 on August 23, the dengxigou section of the 97km plus 500m section of g4217 Rongchang Expressway (Duwen section) was blocked due to rainstorm, and the whole line traffic control has been carried out in Duwen section of g4217 Rongchang expressway. For


, please make a detour in and out of Aba Prefecture in advance, and the recovery time is to be determined.

due to rainstorm and high-speed traffic blocked

Red Star News reporter Zhang Zhaoting

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attention! From the night of August 23 to 24, 14 highways in Sichuan were affected by rainstorm. According to the meteorological forecast of major highways in China jointly issued by China Meteorological Administration and Ministry of transport, the main sections affected by heavy rain in Sichuan from the night of August 23 to the day of 24 are as follows:

Beijing Kunming Expressway (G5) in Deyang, Sichuan, and

in Chengdu Xinjin section

Shanghai Chengdu Expressway (G42) Sichuan Nanchong Suining Daying section

Xiamen Chengdu Expressway (G76), Sichuan Zizhong Ziyang Section, Chengdu section


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Chongqing Kunming Expressway (g85) Sichuan Zigong Yibin Sichuan Yunnan provincial boundary section

Chengdu Chongqing Ring Road (G93)


in Chengdu, Mianyang, Sichuan, Suining Chongqing Tongnan, Sichuan Mingshan Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu Dujiangyan section

Chengdu Wenzhou Qionglai section

108 National Highway Section in Mianyang, Sichuan, Chengdu Qionglai section, Sichuan Xingjing Hanyuan Shimian section

212 National Road section in Nanchong, Sichuan


213 National Road

317 national highway

318 national highway, Sichuan Changle Nanchong Suining section, Jianyang Chengdu Qionglai section, Sichuan Luding section


319 National Road section

321 in Jianyang, Sichuan Sichuan Zizhong Ziyang Chengdu section

Sichuan online reporter Chen Ting

original title: emergency road situation!