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on the evening of August 25, a suspected explosion occurred at a gas emergency repair site in Leshan, Sichuan Province. That night, the Red Star News reporter learned from Leshan gas company that the explosion was not the gas pipeline, and it was preliminarily judged that the methane explosion occurred in the sewage well nearby.


according to the video taken by netizens, the incident site was located near Niubi bridge, Jiading Middle Road, Leshan. The cement blocks on the sidewalk were fragmented, and the scene was in a mess. Beside the gas repair vehicle, there was an old man sitting on the ground, and a man in blue overalls covered his head with his hand.


on the evening of the 25th, according to the relevant staff of Leshan gas company, the gas pipeline at the scene of the incident was blocked due to the flood peak of the previous few days. The emergency repair personnel of the gas company handled it on site. At 17:00 on the same day, the valve of No. 10 branch line of Hanyuan street was closed, and then rush repair was carried out. At about 19:25, there was an explosion. According to the preliminary judgment, biogas explosion occurred in the sewage well nearby, rather than the gas pipeline.

it is understood that when the explosion occurred, an old man who passed by fell down due to fright, and the gas company immediately sent the old man to the hospital, which was diagnosed as no serious problem. At present, the gas company is processing the site to ensure that gas supply in the area will be restored before 24:00.

Red Star News reporter Gu aigang, according to netizens

original title: a gas repair explosion occurred in Leshan, Sichuan Province? According to the preliminary judgment, it is

of biogas combustion and explosion in sewage well