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recently, the office of Chengdu municipal solid waste classification promotion leading group, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Chengdu Urban Management Committee jointly issued the development plan of Chengdu renewable resources recycling (2020-2025), which detailed the “mission statement” and “roadmap” for the development of renewable resources recycling industry in Chengdu in the next five years.


put forward that by 2025, there will be 4000 community recycling stations (points), 50 sorting centers and 4 recycling bases in Chengdu. At that time, the comprehensive recovery and utilization rate of major renewable resources in Chengdu will not be less than 80%, the recycling rate of recyclable materials in domestic waste will reach 35%, and the total annual recovery of renewable resources will reach 7 million tons, accounting for 1% of the city’s GDP. Within five years of


, Chengdu will gradually basically form a diversified, convenient, platform based and safe recycling network, so as to realize the full coverage of the whole city’s recycling function of renewable resources. According to the principle of setting one recycling station (point) for every 1500 or 5000 people in urban communities and 2500 or 6000 people in rural communities, at least 4000 community recycling stations (points) have been built in the city. Four recycling bases are planned to be set up, which is expected to further change the low-value renewable resources such as light waste plastics, waste glass and waste textiles in the city due to high transportation costs and low recycling rate.

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in Chengdu will also enhance the recycling service function of renewable resources. Qingbaijiang advanced material industry functional zone, Pengzhou new material industry functional zone, Xindu Intelligent Logistics Industrial Park, Dayi intelligent equipment Industrial Park and other functional parks will focus on the recycling industry of renewable resources, accelerate industrial agglomeration, and create a recycling of renewable resources“ “Low carbon city” and “waste free city” demonstration projects and demonstration parks.

(reporter Lei Zhe)

original title: 4000 community recycling sites will be built in 5 years