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on August 24, Chengdu Commercial News – Red Star News reporter learned from Jintang county Party Committee Propaganda Department that the Sichuan cutting-edge high-end peptide biopharmaceutical industry base in huaizhou new city of Jintang County, Chengdu, is stepping up renovation, and the production equipment will be put into operation in September, and is expected to be put into operation in April next year.


are the production bases of “aikening”, and the construction of Sichuan frontier high-end peptide biopharmaceutical industry base has always attracted much attention. Guo Yongjun, deputy general manager of Sichuan frontier biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said: “at present, the main bodies of 17 buildings including staff dormitory buildings, workshops, warehouses, etc. have all been capped and are now in the decoration stage.” The construction of the base has been steadily promoted, and the recruitment of talents has been carried out simultaneously. “At present, more than 20 department managers are stationed in Nanjing headquarters, and the first batch of production workers, including 6 Jintang local people, have been sent to the Nanjing headquarters for pre job training. At present, a new round of recruitment is continuing. ”

learned that Sichuan frontier high-end peptide biopharmaceutical industry base is affiliated to frontier biopharmaceutical industry (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., which is an innovative biomedical enterprise with international competitiveness. It is committed to the research, development, production and sales of innovative drugs for unmet clinical needs. Its research and development of China’s first original new drug “aikening” for the treatment of AIDS is complete The first long-acting HIV fusion inhibitor. Its Jintang industrial base is planned to cover an area of 307 mu, with a total area of 205393 square meters. The first phase covers an area of 167 mu, which is a project under construction, and the second phase covers an area of 140 mu, which is under planning for construction. The total investment of the project is about 1.4 billion yuan and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star journalist Liu Yu Wu Huayu

original title: China’s first original AIDS drug, “aikening” is expected to make

in Jintang in April next year