a 4S shop in Meishan City recycles the old batteries replaced by car owners free of charge, causing controversy.


on August 25, the West China City daily and the cover news received a complaint from Mr. Wang from Meishan: after replacing the battery for his car, the 4S store staff told him that according to the relevant requirements of the environmental protection department, the old battery could not be taken away. “Not only that, it didn’t give me depreciation.” Mr. Wang said, “I asked the other party to provide the documents, and the other party couldn’t bring them out.”

is it reasonable for the 4S store to take away the used batteries free of charge? What are the “requirements related to environmental protection and other departments” mentioned? Recently, the reporter twice called Meishan Dongpo ecological and environmental bureau to understand the relevant situation, and the response was “no rigid regulations”.


owners complained: old batteries were taken away free of charge.

on August 25, the cover news reported that Mr. Wang, a citizen of Meishan, was forced to take away the old batteries free of charge by 4S stores on August 25, under the title of “environmental protection department: no rigid requirements”.

on August 24, Mr. Wang found that there was something wrong with his car and drove to Meishan Qingwei 4S store for inspection. The staff said the battery of the car was broken, so they replaced it.

let Mr. Wang did not expect that after the 4S store took away the old battery, the new battery did not give him a discount. “I have also changed the battery before, and the old battery needs to be discounted.” After the


were questioned, the 4S shop staff told Mr. Wang that this was a requirement of the environmental protection department and the automobile industry, and that the old batteries could not be taken away without permission and should be disposed of by the 4S shop.

the recording provided by Mr. Wang shows that a staff member told him that the company has implemented this regulation since 2018, and all old batteries can not be taken away. “It’s useless for us to take this battery, and we have to dispose of it.” Mr. Wang asked to see the relevant documents of the government departments, but the other party did not provide them.


4S stores insist that there are laws to follow. On August 26, Qingwei company published an article on an official account of one of its network platforms, saying that there is a law to follow for “taking away consumers’ old batteries free of charge”. The article


states that “waste lead-acid batteries, cadmium nickel batteries, mercury oxide batteries, mercury switches, phosphors and cathode ray tubes” are hazardous wastes explicitly stipulated by the state, while “waste lead-acid batteries” refer to lead-acid batteries removed from automobiles and electric vehicles. According to Article 37 of the environmental protection law of the people’s Republic of China, local people’s governments should take measures to organize the classified disposal and recycling of domestic waste.


according to these two laws and regulations, the company believes that the “no hard and fast requirements” mentioned in the article (in the news report) is actually a kind of misleading public opinion. “In the face of hazardous waste products explicitly stipulated by the state, our company actively inquires relevant laws and regulations, controls and disposes of hazardous wastes from the source that can be contacted, and tries to make the most environmentally friendly and most consistent with the sustainable development strategy. Although our company is only a car 4S shop, our company abides by the laws and regulations, has the courage to take social responsibility, and realizes the social responsibility of the enterprise. ”


environmental protection departments responded: there are no hard and fast requirements.

recently, Western China City daily and cover news reporters twice called Meishan Dongpo ecological environment bureau. The relevant staff replied that after changing the batteries in 4S stores, whether the old batteries must be handed over to 4S stores for disposal without compensation, “there is no rigid requirement”.

“whether consumers are willing to leave old batteries in 4S stores, there are no hard and fast requirements in terms of environmental protection. We haven’t sent any documents. ” On August 27, the staff of the soil environmental management unit of the Bureau said in a telephone interview, “we only suggest 4S stores. If consumers want to take them away by themselves, they should do a good job of publicity and remind them to do a good job of protection and avoid environmental pollution.”

Zhang Quan, Secretary General of Meishan municipal consumer committee, said that the old battery is the owner’s private property first, and there are clear provisions in both the consumer protection law and the property law. If 4S shops want to take away the old batteries of the owners free of charge, they need to have a clear legal basis.

so, what is the basis of Qingwei company’s insistence that “there are laws to abide by”? Where are the old batteries taken away free of charge? A marketing manager of the company said, “these questions can be answered. Please come to the store to interview and report on the spot.”

on August 27, Western China Metropolis Daily and cover news reporters went to the 4S store, but after waiting for half an hour, a person in charge surnamed Chen replied: “we will not accept interviews.”


colleagues revealed that “an old battery can sell tens to 100 yuan.” does


4S store “give money” to dispose of old batteries? A Hou surnamed manager of Sichuan Zhongming environmental treatment Co., Ltd. told reporters that at present, the waste lead-acid batteries in Sichuan Province are all paid prices. “We collect them from 4S stores, and we must pay them.”

well, how to deal with the old batteries in Meishan local automobile industry? The reporter consulted a local car chain operator, and a person in charge said that he had never heard of the rule that old batteries must be kept in 4S stores. The person in charge of


said that the old batteries are generally recycled in a unified way, and the price generally ranges from tens to 100 yuan according to different models. When changing the battery, they will tell the consumers. “Car owners generally don’t take it away, but they deduct it in the new battery by way of discount.”

West China Metropolis Daily – cover reporter Li Qing Wang Yuexin

original title: is there a law to follow when the replaced old batteries are recycled free of charge by 4S stores?