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ter, farmhouse is rural, fresh and green tea hill …… yesterday morning, qiu Sancun is pressed down in Feng Huaqiu village, a huge and contemporary village that has drawn newly resides a graph to jump Bai Qiang. “ success! Old person of ” Zhuang Zunsong was put on finally a few, brushing sweat, laughed approvingly.

This wall paint is 5 meters many long, 3 meters many tall, it is Zhuang Zunsong is carrying burning sun on the head, spent what elaborate creation finishs between 4 climate. Village of 73 years old makes a pine this year, it is to act according to turn famous careless root artist. A lacquerer is when Zhuang Zunsong is young, the person crosses middleaged ability to begin to study traditional Chinese painting and canvas. 20 come for years, study of his with great concentration, creation, be good at drawing archaic traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women, flowers to wait especially, its work is in in be being exhibited domestic and internationally greatly for many times bear the palm.

Zhuang Zunsong tells a reporter, in the closest town remittent do civilization to found, build “ our home ” , cadre masses join forces rebuilds alley of driveway, sanitary market, demolish danger old house, he also wants to give a power for home town beautification. Zhuang Zunsong finds the couplet village cadre in the town, express to want to draw paint of a few walls for villatic obligation, “ draws material draws out money to buy by me, help villatic beautification ” . “ village teacher agrees to move, our most welcome! ” presses down a leader to be informed, very glad.

Zhuang Zunsong bought all sorts of propylene dye and harmonic paint, conceived two creation plan meticulously. He often should mount 2 meters many expensive frame work, on the hand a few brushes are alternant, immerse oneself in a picture. Summer sorching, air temperature many degrees 30, but old person very attentively, brushstroke brushstroke is none careless, every Nature’s engineering makes 5 hours, your villager very admire.

“ can produce him specialty, for beautiful country construction does bit of thing, very glad. ” Zhuang Zunsong says, next he draws two walls paint even, 3 pictures are together repeatedly, whole street shines with respect to “ ” .