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was held in Shanghai on August 27. At the


promotion meeting, Sichuan Tianfu International Exhibition Co., Ltd. signed a contract with yingfuman China. Tianfu · world beauty anti-aging conference plans to land in Xibo city in October 2021, with an estimated scale of 10000 square meters; it signs a contract with infoman China to land Tianfu go fashion life Festival, and plans to sunset in Xibo city from November 27 to 29, 2020, with an estimated scale of 50000 square meters.

At the same time, Sichuan Tianfu International Exhibition Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Shanghai lingshuo Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. to hold the “first China (Western) international school uniform · garden uniform Exhibition” in Western China International Expo City from December 11 to 13, 2020, with an estimated scale of 24000 square meters. The Party Working Committee Management Committee of Chengdu Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park and ICCA international conference research and training center will cooperate To implement the ICCA Asia Pacific Club project.

in addition, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Expo also signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Ningbo Service Industry Development Bureau, proposing to promote the economic and cultural development and exchange between Chengdu and Ningbo, especially focusing on the survival of the exhibition industry under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control as well as the innovation and development of the exhibition industry in the future, which was strongly supported by Sichuan Economic Cooperation Bureau.

“Exhibition economic industrial ecosystem needs a large number of leading enterprises, especially the exhibition planning enterprises integrating various global resources, international organizations with industry discourse power, investment enterprises controlling strategic resources, etc., to form a good exhibition ecological system through interest connection and matching.” According to the relevant person in charge of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Expo, the promotion conference is expected to rely on the high-quality resources of Shanghai, help the construction of Chengdu industrial functional zone and Exhibition economic industry ecosystem, expand the industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain of Chengdu’s leading industries, promote close cooperation with enterprises in Shanghai, achieve win-win results, deepen mutual understanding and trust between the two places, and expand the depth and breadth of cooperation To improve the quality and level of cooperation and promote the sound and rapid economic and social development of the two places.

Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star journalist Li Yanqin

original title: Chengdu Convention and Exhibition economic industry eco circle promotion conference appeared in Shanghai, several heavy exhibitions landed in Chengdu