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is now the key stage of the in-depth promotion of the special struggle against gangsters and evils. If the operation at this time and the postoperative recovery period will be delayed for several months, the new colleagues will certainly not be familiar with this work. Now I will take medicine to control, and I will be hospitalized after the victory of the anti underworld and anti vice campaign. ” This is what Zhang Shixiang said to his colleagues and his family after his illness.


Zhang Shixiang is currently the judge of criminal trial court of Jinjiang District People’s Court of Chengdu City, and the liaison officer of the leading group office of the special struggle against gangsters and evils of Jinjiang District People’s Court of Chengdu. Since the launch of the special struggle against gangsters and evils, he has the courage to take responsibility, take the initiative and actively participate in the special struggle.

as the liaison of the anti underworld Office of Jinjiang District Court, Zhang Shixiang has been involved in the special fight against gangsters and evils for nearly three years. As the main drafter, he has drafted the implementation plan of Chengdu Jinjiang District People’s Court on the special struggle against underworld and evil, the detailed rules for handling anti underworld and anti evil cases in Chengdu Jinjiang District People’s Court (for Trial Implementation) and Chengdu Jinjiang District People’s court’s anti underworld work According to the implementation opinions on the handling of anti crime cases (for Trial Implementation) and the provisions for handling clues transfer of the leading group office of the special struggle against gangsters and evils of Jinjiang District People’s Court of Chengdu (Trial Implementation), this paper sorts out the key field cases concluded or being tried by the Jinjiang District Court, and the clues of possible underworld related crimes and “protective umbrella” in the complaint cases of Jinjiang District Court Twenty eight cases suspected to have underworld and evil forces have been found. Case accounts have been established, case by case registration, case by case tracking and case by case reporting. Case clues have been reported to the anti crime Office of Jinjiang District for separate handling.


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in the past three years, Zhang Shixiang has dealt with 26 clues transferred by the higher-level anti-corruption departments in accordance with the provisions on handing over clues of anti-corruption and anti-corruption special struggle in the past three years. All of them completed the verification work ahead of time in accordance with the requirements of “everyone meets, each reply”.

Zhang Shixiang was diagnosed with aortic bicuspid malformation in 2019 due to physical discomfort. The doctor suggested that he should be hospitalized for surgery immediately. However, he did not flinch from his illness. He still struggled in the front line of the special fight against gangsters and evils. This year, he undertook a case involving 21 persons, including Lu, whose case is complex, involves a large number of people, has a long time span, and has a significant social impact It’s very difficult to handle. In the early intervention stage of the


cases, Zhang Shixiang participated in three case discussion meetings; after accepting the case, he participated in six joint case discussion and judgment meetings of the political and Legal Commission, the public prosecutor, the prosecutor and the law, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the determination of the nature of the crime, evidence collection, property disposal and other issues. At present, the case of


is in the process of trial. Zhang Shixiang said that he would do his best to strictly follow the deployment of the province, city and district, unswervingly implement the requirements of the “six Qing action”, take “facts as the basis, law as the criterion”, follow the rules of evidence judgment, and crack down on crimes according to law, so as to make the case an iron case that can stand the test of history and the people.

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original title: insisting that he is the backbone pioneer of anti crime