Cheng du, be located in forward position of the East China Sea, open advance guard, it is martial strategic area and garrison more area. “ the army and the people kisses ” deep already brand is in Ning Bo earth, make the glorious tradition here, good way.

Found oneself double since having paradigmatic city, ning Bo wins “ throughout the country 7 times continuously double embrace countrywide army of paradigmatic city ” and 4 “ to turn find a place for the job is advanced unit ” title.

In corner of peaceful wave big a pavilion or house on a terrace, drop of 10 thousand mus of green hill is emerald green, forest footpath is winding, this zoology forest witnessed local the army and the people to found zoology appropriate to reside the course pursueing a dream of small town, tens of year, continue afforestation.

Army cherish one’s fellow citizen, civilian embrace army, tracking peaceful wave, the impress that confluence of the army and the people develops, nowhere is absent.

Double have mind, blend in the hematic arteries and veins of this city. 3 rivers earth, ceaseless compose “ breathes together, in all of ” of destiny, heart linked to heart double embrace paean.

A kind of traditional and perforative years never is changed

“ army made up of the sons of the people crosses ’ of ‘ door mouth, can come the stop on the way for a rest, tea that drink a mouth rests in the home, common people feels is a kind of glory. ” Ceng Ren presses down the Wang Junmin of minister of person fierce ministry to remember like Shan Shipu, one day some undertakes practice with live ammunition on the island, when the helicopter that soldier of assemble for training takes descends, strong cyclone flew to the window shake of around dweller home.

Be informed is the liberation army comes maneuver, old wet nurse places a hand again and again, say whats are compensated for. The following day old person of early in the morning is the first the bomb shelter with occupy pallet condition. “ A is pulled know, legionary and powerful, common people just has happiness and honor. ”

Such consummate —— overall situation watchs be prepared for danger in times of safety, national defence, root establish the hematic arteries and veins of Yu Ningbo’s person.

Ning Bo, this double those who have paradigmatic city first heart, span boundless journey, experience is long cover is new.

Stand in the new starting point that the times grows, peaceful wave base oneself upon double have working new characteristic, new job, new requirement, publish 10 many code early or late file, bring into supportive national defence and military construction local economy society develops overall planning, bring into construction of national defence establishment local foundation builds a system, bring into national defence science and technology and equipment development system of innovation of local science and technology, bring into education of military qualified personnel the place teachs a system, patriotic embracing war industry to make the target responsibility that brings into government of local Party committee examine system is, promote double embrace found depth stride, thorough development.

Confluence of the army and the people, started new scope of operation. Ning Bo establishs confluence of the army and the people of municipal Party committee to do, strengthen army ground to cooperate with, explore the new pattern of shirt-sleeve development, new way actively. Confluence of elaborate scheme the army and the people admits act, high quality builds demonstrative division of innovation of confluence of provincial the army and the people, driving deepness confluence development to go up. Begin the army and the people actively to cooperate with science and technology innovates, guide civilian battalion enterprise to participate in crucial core technology to tackle key problem, inherent and sealed nucleus uses C annulus weather strip, numerous promote new material a batch of technologies such as successive carborundum fiber break foreign monopoly. Breed “ meticulously civilian join the army ” company team, make industrial group, yin state division is maintained to be national level the army and the people to combine industrial demonstrative base.

In recent years, ning Bo organizes navigate, establish the contact mechanism that reseau changes, refine fulfil retire the soldier serves item, strong build case retire sweet harbour of the soldier. Nowadays, in Ning Bo, city, area (county) city, villages and towns (street) , village (community) held water to retire military job is organized, formed transverse to edge, fore-and-aft after all retire soldier and double have working network.

In the light of retire military group amount is numerous, distributing the characteristic that presents extensive area to change, ning Bo develops basic level actively to serve position dominant position, explore mode of Wu of regimental of group of ” of “ care way station, allow “ people on one’s own side person ” sends the service beside ”“ retire ” of mouth of military “ door, achieve arms affair military to say, arms affair military does, the result that arms affair military provides. Street historian village establishs Zong Han of kind brook city group of veteran and volunteer service, veteran big lecture room, retire soldier love fund, make historian village the whole nation retire unit of military job model. Like hill county Dong Xi village retires ” of way station of military “ care executes “ system of veteran ” saying a thing, solve around policy, rights and interests is safeguarded, dredge of difficult deliverance, psychology begin discuss, answer doubt dispels doubts, achieve coadjutant autonomy.

One kind accepts or reject to be promotion fighting capacity only

Dream of “ powerful nation needs Jiang Junmeng, jiang Junmeng props up powerful nation dream, our long-term interests agrees highly! ”

When when economy construction builds occurrence contradiction with national defence, peaceful wave municipal Party committee, municipal government holds to “ to call victorious battle for army from beginning to end, it is ‘ cornucopia ’ also the national defence that be willing to part with or use gives ” is watched, hit in the service win on took out each with great quantity: Let beach of 6 large seasides to example of army of great capacity, travel develops an island 20 years use free gives army, construction of 3 big bridges increases funds to satisfy combat readiness requirement, 100 multinomial and major project carry out martial demand ……

20 old, in peaceful wave each district, what is unit construction badly in need of, local government solves where of quarter at of what; army, local government builds the road to where; army to leave where to enter, where does the safeguard before raising go to with respect to follow-up.

In last few years, various investment embraces Ning Bo army capital 500 million multivariate, the help is stationed in army of another name for Ningbo to solve the funds such as infrastructure construction, informatization platform construction, highway of grade of supportive unit combat readiness, roll item of the first class that install a code.

“ makes contribution for national defence career, whats cannot compare this. The aspirations;“ that this is peaceful wave place is in ” army, protect a; that defend a country to reach a place, for civilian benefit. ” this is Ning Bo two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two retire soldier, serviceman stands fast first the heart, true portraiture that does not change instinctive quality.

This new coronal is pneumonic during epidemic situation, ning Bo is broad retire the soldier devotes into epidemic prevention battlefront with war condition, if have fight,fulfill “ with real operation, call together is answered surely, battle surelies win the acceptance of ” . End at present, peaceful wave whole town retires contribution of military accumulative total more than yuan 600, donate guaze mask, blinkers, defend take, life goods and materials more than 100 thousand, more than 100 thousand retire the soldier throws epidemic situation to prevent accuse a gleam of, by the volunteer service that retires to the soldier is comprised or be participated in vanguard of team, Party member is taken an active part in many 700 group prevent group treat, the platoon examines more than 50 thousand 100 more than person-time, number.

Found in civilized town in, broad retire the soldier devotes into “ another name for Ningbo actively civilization of still veteran · has my ” theme volunteer service activity. Town sea area 89 villages (community) retire more than times 2800 military volunteer participates in patriotic and wholesome motion, civilized town to establish practice in, build add lustre to to buy variety for the city with sweat.

Years is not had change military instinctive quality, they and this land is harmonious, the all the time is not worn in defend, this land below guardianship move foot, ground of do one’s best is feeding back the people that here lives, in the construction development that participates in place eagerly.

The army that be stationed in another name for Ningbo trains the task in the combat readiness that finish, support construction of socialistic new rural area energetically, attend rush to deal with an emergency to provide disaster relief courageously, the organization begins 5 water of “ to treat ” , afforestation, obligation to donate blood in all, charity is contributed one day, the knot is of all kinds to helping deficient up to wait social commonweal activity.

Peaceful wave military subzero helps Yu Yaosi every year improvement of bright hill town is village office condition, condolatory poverty door, build public transportation platform and gallery of culture of two national defence, press down central elementary school to begin with lane of bridge of city of more than Yao aid learn to promote religion, purchase patriotism and book of national defence education for the school. 12 elementary school of ministry of each one fierce and whole town build a knot to be built to the side, with 38 impoverished students the knot is opposite, begin “1+1” love extensively to aid learn an activity.

Place where troops are stationed of 92815 unit development insists to be two towns all the year round 9 natural villages develop one rural area service activity, it is place where troops are stationed every year home of respect for the aged, army old person of members of a revolutionary martyr’s family, orphans and widows and difficult masses begin justice examine check-up, give articles for daily use to wait civilian it is street and difficult that service;91576 army expedites medical treatment contingent to surpass village and Zhuang Qiao of river north area to press examine of masses obligation make one’s rounds more than 10, free, attend the army and the people of local forest division actively in all establish activity.

Be stationed in be apt to of more than Zhao Zi of soldier of Yao Mou ministry to be informed oneself and patient of a blood disease to match model after closing, active alms hematopoiesis does a cell, help new student of this patient recovery, become Zhejiang subscriber of dry cell of the 9343rd hematopoiesis of the 543rd exemple, whole nation.

According to statistic, was stationed in obligation of officers and soldiers of another name for Ningbo to donate blood 2019 2403 person-time, the help begins military training 178 thousand person-time, rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief a force of sent out troops to fight 10 thousand more than person-time,

One kind comes from close service to force

In army, the soldier is consecratory and advanced. Be in a place, find a place for must preferential. Ning Bo army turn find a place for the job regards a special politics as the task, high level, high quality is finished find a place for every year the task, the ” of peaceful wave example that made “ plan to find a place for.

Ning Bo is in army turn the cadre finds a place for on open and transparent, Shang Xian holds the post of can, sureness handles affairs style and practice, win army turn the cadre’s accord reputably.

City of peaceful 2019 wave retires since bureau of military general affairs holds water, “ of travel of active carry out retires the soldier is concept of talent resource ” , drive around “ government closely, the social support, train of thought that participates in ” with all possible means, will retire the soldier is used as development of resource of main labor power, use affection to exert oneself to do sth. attentively, active compose builds orgnaization of resource of government, enterprise, manpower, finance to serve “ of dak of area of platform, poineering garden, service of ” of 6 an organic whole retire system of poineering service of military obtain employment, comprehensive promotion retires ability of service of military obtain employment and level. Up to July 2020, ning Bo already high quality of research and development, can grow post more than kinds 30, accumulative total has more than 2400 to retire obtain employment of military implementation high quality does poineering work.

Retire through arriving deep “ life of the soldier encircles ” , search to be begun definitely retire the crucial “ bar that the soldier works nods ” .

In August 2019, the army that be stationed in another name for Ningbo is followed army Internet of family member “ + spot of ” agile service is advanced can hold, garrison army and manpower resources company sign cooperative book, the “ Internet of peaceful wave initiate + agile service mode pushs ” in the round. Need an a phone, reticle and a computer only, enterprise of choose and employ persons and along with army the family member can be not had seam a butt joint, realize the efficient, agile configuration of manpower resource. Up to now, ning Bo already built big a pavilion or house on a terrace, elephant center of city of north of hill, more than Yao, river, kind is followed 5 times army the family member is agile service skill grooms practice center, accumulative total is along with army family member skill grooms 45, already had 306 army elder brother’s wife active in English network adviser of head of accountant of editor, network, hunt, groom assistant director of business of plan of division, activity, action, image is tagged, speech is tagged, the post such as public name operation, average of every center along with army family member implementation leads 85% above to hillock. ” of project of weapons of benefit of this “ warm heart, popularizing in navy of war zone of the eastpart part nowadays.

River north area pushs famous specified number every year, solve division of state o

f Yin of; of problem of the elementary school on military children to be made technically ” enter a school of children of good about be being done further soldier (field) executive detailed rules of the job (try out) ” , solve; of problem of military children enter a school to resemble children of hill county soldier to press policy to choose to read the school inside entire county limits.

In the light of task of troop combat readiness busy, soldier takes care of actual condition of children feebly, yin state division entrusts professional orgnaization, short-term and free art is begun to groom to be stationed in Yin army children during summer vacation, cogent solve good soldier family to take care of filial difficult question, for 10 army 82 army children groomed 2019 the project such as performance, dancing, chess, writing, calligraphy, art.

House of artistic theater of city of more than Yao, culture and civilian organization begin “ one person one art popularize an activity into art of barback ” the whole people, organize senior staff performing duty and folk art home to be troops officers and soldiers freely to offer calligraphy, painterly, music, program to chair to barback regularly wait for each menu type to groom service, culture of spirit of rich officers and soldiers lives.

Having a kind of atmosphere is to be close as fish and water everywhere

1952, village of the fort in besmearing like hill county Ci is pressed down has army to be stationed in a village. The fort in “ builds name of village, village, all come because of Hou of martial establishment beacon and fort building. Secretary of Party branch of village of the fort in ” , retire military bell truth adores a soldier as a child.

He is that 9 years old years, senior officer of the army that be stationed in a village asks a health worker to come to perplex old leg disease for its cure, after half month, leg ministry recovers, can throw away platelet stool freedom walks. From now on, in the heart of bell truth, issue thick military complex with respect to the knot.

Be in in fort village, friendly feelings of the army and the people, everywhere is visible. Have every times most angel will be stationed in example, the metropolis in the village vacates a village appoint the house with capacious and neat meeting, fulfil water, report, eat, live wait for all sorts of safeguard. Troops officers and soldiers also sends warmth for the villager from time to time, begin justice examine, for child lecture, condolatory poverty door. Gam of the army and the people, culture goes close, double embrace condolatory, be continuous in place incessant.

The professional ” that lets a soldier become whole society homage when “ resounds through the earth, in fort village hang out his shingle for a short while hold water retire military service station, commando already built to train field of activity of army of example of field, sea now inside the station, and veteran dak, army book of the home that Shi Wei exhibits house, 81 schoolroom, commando, soldier wait for functional area. Sit in “ past station, like returning barback with respect to the feeling kind! ”

For better reveal and inheritance soldier spirit, fort village takes commando seriously to connect construction very much in, below the guidance that presses down in upper section and besmear Ci, absorb those who accord with a condition to retire the soldier established “ to besmear arms of villager of Ci Zhenzhong fort connects ” , bell truth coachs commando learns be used to and training personally. Every time village night patrols, when village class election or major activity, commando is on duty handsomely repeatedly form is become in fort village shines together beautiful scenery.

Regard first as accrete as naval port state level as the developing zone, come for years, big a pavilion or house on a terrace is bearing the weight of Fu Guojiang army double dream, complementary, resource shares dominant position of army ground both sides, close consistent home.

Inchoate traffic of big a pavilion or house on a terrace is out-of-the-way, the army and the people is current need tramp over hill and dale, very disadvantageous. 1975, army ground both sides collects money 125 thousand yuan, army offers construction equipment and oil plants, start working builds tunnel of mountain of horizontal stand erect. Named after channel building 1977 for ” of passageway of friendship of “ the army and the people, realized each other of north and south of big a pavilion or house on a terrace to connect. Arrived 1990 1992, army opens up endowment 4.6 million yuan, build Na Gang tunnel, after development is built, the developing zone is in charge of appoint can throw again gigantic endowment undertake rebuilding, realized thing of big a pavilion or house on a terrace to be linked together, a difficult question goes out to get inside the island bigger alleviate.

Depth of water of river of yellow stand erect flows urgent, the army and the people before development relies on ferry to go out row, encounter have soup, constant communication is interrupted. To ensure an island is safe, go up century, the big a pavilion or house on a terrace that by the place design of contributive, army, construction builds crosses sea pontoon to build be open to traffic.

Subsequently, in the your kind effort of army support falls, big bridge of big a pavilion or house on a terrace, 2 bridges pass program argumentation smoothly, and 2001, built be open to traffic early or late 2013, from now on road of natural moat flexible.

30 come for years, nanhai defended reef officers and soldiers to change one stubble another stubble, the student of middle school of big a pavilion or house on a terrace also graduated another, but their exchange of letters never is interrupted.

1988, classmaster of ” of class of mew of “ of middle school of big a pavilion or house on a terrace is met in thematic class on, told about bare melon reef to defend the deed of reef hero officers and men to students, aroused the patriotic passion of students. Students decide consistently to pass epistolary deliver condolatory.

That year in May, students to defend officers and soldiers to send the first epistolary, enquire their life, report oneself thought. After a few months are being separated when, letting what they did not think of is, got the letter in reply of officers and soldiers actually. Soldiers say in the letter, defend reef to although the condition is difficult,live, but all fielding team member builds reef for reef of the home, love with reef, for motherland coastal areas and territorial seas quiet without complain without regret.

The patriotic and consecratory spirit of officers and soldiers causes great sensation in middle school of big a pavilion or house on a terrace. Those who make teachers open-eyed is, this letter produced the effect that expect is less than to children. A few originally slack classmate, below the encouragement of spirit of bare melon reef, features takes on an entirely new look. Eve of graduation of that one student, collective embroider made teachers and students ensign and silk banner of bare melon reef, send toward bare melon reef.

These year, teachers and students of middle school of big a pavilion or house on a terrace is written to officers and soldiers of bare melon reef epistolary, place home town special local product, middle school of big a pavilion or house on a terrace falls in the encouragement of spirit of bare melon reef,

In November 2018, 4 2 League branches at the beginning of middle school of big a pavilion or house on a terrace are sent again epistolary, send their greeting in hands of 10 thousand lis of the officers and soldiers that defend reef besides. In May 2019, officers and soldiers introduced Na Sha reef in the letter in reply dish the change of thoroughly remould oneself, conveyed edge of the defend that it is a country again, defend the territory of one’s country have duty, the determination that takes on bravely. The sea of the shell that there still is the officers and soldiers that defend reef to be collected for teachers and students in the package that sends along with the letter and whiteness of reef of melon of bare of two bottles of Na Sha is sanded.

From the first the letter in reply begins, middle school of big a pavilion or house on a terrace with respect to collect carefully of will all incoming letter, make the text book that each student reads surely.

A warmth reveals a national condition to conceive

Rose 2016, act according to change opened column of ” of small wish of “ give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen, release regularly through the media of be in harmony such as newspaper, TV, website retire military small wish, will 4 years retire for 305 military oneiromancy.

Jiang Beiyi name 83 years old retire veteran what the portion abandons hard is care, the hope finds the comrade-in-arms that breaks couplet 30 years. After dot of E of the people’s livelihood of Chinese peaceful wave connects platform to learn, associated Xiamen daily issues the notice that find a person, after many setbacks, make finally meet again of two old comrade-in-armses.

Retire in a when dockyard works soldier and company produce service issue, act according to change veteran law to help a station expedite outstanding lawyer volunteer and enterprise actively to communicate, strive for 17 thousand yuan reasonable compensation for party.

Hai Shu 3 “ are the most beautiful retire combination of entrepreneur of military ” , civilian battalion is contributive 10 million yuan, establish whole town first retire ” side helps military “ oneiromancy up fund, the help gives aid to retire the soldier does poineering work.

2019, society of city medical service, city is gotten army just foster group of course of engineering medical science and life science to begin “ to get with excellent person army carry out of heart · angel goes first ” is large justice examine, 16 experts that come from 10 medical establishment to retire the soldier provides justice examine service, give fact of healthy popular science to hold brochure.

Group of veteran and volunteer service and ties of active service and impoverished family are opposite Ci Xi, begin “ to accompany serviceman family member to reunion too year of ”“ send blessing the activity such as ” mid-autumn, busy season season, veteran people initiative head for help.

Federation of commonweal of ” of lark of “ of boreal logical sequence carries on “ love allows to show loving care for veteran project more than 3 years to come in essence of ” of give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen, service object enlarges 200 more than person from former 30 more than person, service limits from 1 street expand to 6 to press down (street) , to retire the soldier provided a series of services such as pull wires of dredge of aid of thematic party day, gules education, medical treatment, psychology, marriage, mortal consideration.

Company of service of commonweal of sunshine of peaceful sea branch road holds ” of warm exploit of “ greeting hero, affection every year veteran party, for veteran people collective spends birthday. Countrywide model retires branch of military Chu Jiwang and peaceful sea civil administration establishs love account, give every local old soldier 25 years every months hair living cost continuously, till them eventually old.

The greatest power is homocentric join forces. In recent years, ning Bo devotes oneself to to configure whole society effectively with all possible means resource force, to retire the soldier offers diversity, essence to refine, Wu of warm be convinced, force of exploration guiding society is participated in retire mode of military service “1+N” , buy professional organization adequately to serve these 1 brunt to measure with good government, lead grass-roots unit actively the “N+” force such as media of platform of organization, commonweal, volunteer group, news, form an advantage reliable and complementary, orderly, essence follows efficient service pattern.

In the meantime, hold to “ a key opens ” of a lock, ning Bo buckles “ closely army ” word characteristic, according to retiring military character trait is mixed effective demand, content of project of directive organism elaborate design and executive method, offer individuation to subdue Wu surely. Up to now, already implemented more than 130 project, develop service activity more than times 2100, the service retires soldier 37 thousand more than person-time, resolve real difficulty more than 12 thousand. Pass “ veteran heart the activity such as close ” , apply patient listen respectfully, admit the professional method such as demand, it is actual and difficult that thought trends is mixed, organization of; of implementation energy standard service is veteran attend “ “ of become reconciled of announce of education of ” of veteran big lecture room is veteran commonweal travel ” is volunteer service, arouse veteran and honorary feeling and mission feeling further.

Leisurely has military situation, sincere love common feelings of people. Ning Bo, the city of this hero, the pulse as new era, with officers and soldiers of place where troops are stationed together hand in hand side-by-side, encourage act vigorously is entered, the army and the people is being deduced to be close as fish and water in new journey, those who lift an again and again is double embrace a climax.

Stand on new start, ning Bo carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future, with fulfilling province, whole nation seriously double have paradigmatic city (county) new measure new standard attachs most importance to a dot, strive to achieve “ whole nation double have paradigmatic city 8 Lian Guan ” , build “ when good Zhejiang for Ning Bo model of important window ” lays contributive force.