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At present, Chengdu is actively creating the sixth national civilized city. In order to improve the awareness rate, support and participation of citizens, the series of animation videos of “Chengdu City should know how to create the sixth national civilized city” planned and produced by Chengdu Civilization Network under the guidance of Chengdu spiritual civilization construction office has been launched recently. Among them, the action of using chopsticks and spoons in Chengdu is a major theme.

is the main character of this animation. It is created by the civilized city of Chengdu. It is a virtual IP Cheng Cheng Jun and Du Du Mei. They use the quiz to let the public understand the work practices and achievements of Chengdu in the recent years to create a civilized city in the country. The citizens only need to pay attention to the official account of “civilized Chengdu” WeChat, so that we can see the complete animation video.

“do you know that Chengdu is carrying out the operation of using chopsticks and spoons?” In the first video, the public chopsticks and spoon action is a major theme. After asking questions to the audience, the two protagonists introduced the relevant situation of Chengdu’s public chopsticks and spoon action: “the beauty of Chengdu’s delicious food lies in civilization, and the” small dining table “drives the” great civilization “. Chengdu has carried out the action of “civilized dining table, public chopsticks and spoons”, issued the proposal of “public chopsticks and public spoons”, formulated the “standards for the use of public chopsticks and spoons in Chengdu catering industry”. The first batch of 2100 catering enterprises in the city responded positively, established the public chopsticks and public spoon civilization alliance, initiated the collection of design schemes of public chopsticks and public spoons in Chengdu, and carried out activities such as the selection of civilized models. ”


have attracted the attention and praise of many citizens since they went online. They all feel that this kind of publicity method is lively and easy to understand. “I hope you can start with yourself and start with small things after watching it, so as to add points to the creation of the Sixth National Civilized City in Chengdu!” One citizen said.


original title: “Cheng Cheng Jun” and “Du Du Mei” show you how to promote

of chopsticks and spoons in Chengdu